Pocono HPDE – Sunday May 6, 2012

New Jersey Chapter Audi Club at Pocono Raceway!

The ACNA-NJ Chapter and Flemington Audi is hosting a
One Day High Performance Driver Education Event (HPDE)
Pocono Raceway!
Event Date: Sunday, May 6, 2012
How could we have made this years Pocono HPDE Event any better than last year?
Drive The Whole Track!
Thats Right!
A complete Pocono Raceway takeover by the NJ Chapter of the Audi Club!
ACNA-NJ has been able to occupy the entire Pocono Raceway Facility for
Event Date: Sunday, May 6, 2012

What does this mean…

We will be holding this years Pocono HPDE Event on the 2.5 mile NASCAR Tri-Oval
as opposed to just the 1.5 mile North Course.
We have secured the entire track with the help of Pocono Raceway to provide this unique experience!
And managed to keep the cost low!
We will be one of the first clubs to drive the freshly paved oval.
(Paving completed 2012)
Although different from last years venue, we will have the oppurtunity to drive our Audi’s as our German friends do on the Autobahn!  The 2.5 mile oval will provide such an experience.
There are few chances in ones life to drive the 2.5 mile track at Pocono! Just might be a once in a life time oppurtunity! Especially in your own Audi!
Reserve the date now! Sunday May 6th!
Following the success of our Pocono HPDE last May and the Car Control Clinics
we knew we had to provide a venue to carry on the enthusiasm from those events.
We are doing just that!
An Affordable High Performance Driving Education Track Event!
on the
Entire 2.5 Mile NASCAR “Tricky Triangle”
“Pocono Raceway has long been recognized as one of NASCAR’s most competitive speedways. Pocono’s unique 2.5-mile track features three turns, each with its own degree of banking (Turn 1 – 675 ft., 14 degrees, Turn 2 – 750 ft., 8 degrees, Turn 3 – 800 ft., 6 degrees) and three straights (Main Straight – 3,740 ft., Long Pond Straight-3,055 ft. and the North Straight – 1,780 ft.).  The combination of the track’s own challenges and the fact that the three turns each have their own characteristics, has resulted in a unique description: “the superspeedway that drives like a road course”.
This is the 2.5 mile high bank oval used by NASCAR.
Gates open at 7:00am
Morning Tech Inspection 7:00am to 8:00am
Drivers Meeting at 8:00am
On Track at 8:30am till 6:00pm
We have been working hard to plan an event which provides everyone with an opportunity to experience an on track
High Performance Driver Education  Event and we have succeeded!
Thanks to the on going sponsorship from
Free mandatory Tech Inspections (dates to be determined) are being held
Drive Auto Works
Drive Auto Works | 295 Park Ave. | Lyndhurst, NJ  07071
Should you not be able to attend this free tech inspection it is your responsibility to have your car pass a safety tech prior to the event.

Safety Tech Form PDF:
Tech Inspection Form

             Please download this form and bring it to the Tech Inspection on the morning of May 6th.

 Although this event is conducted on a premiere race track we emphasize
Driver Education!
We will be instructing High Performance Driver Education!Check out a few pictures from the ACNA-NJ Event last year:
This event is being hosted by the Audi Club, however, ownership of an Audi is not required.  In fact we encourage all makes and models to participate.  This event is tailored toward drivers who would like to achieve higher levels of car control and learn more about the specifics and technical capabilities of his/her car. The instruction and experience in attending this HPDE just might save your life when back on the street!  It is well suited for drivers of all ages to advance their skills behind the wheel. You will be provided with an opportunity to understand and experience terms like understeer, oversteer, threshold braking, ABS, ESP, weight transfer and the like.  This can be best used to every driver’s advantage.  If you are at all interested in learning the full capabilities of your car in a safe and fun environment, this event is for you!
In addition to the above, a HPDE teaches driving basics such as seating position, mirror placement, proper vision and awareness. Qualified instructors are monitoring and riding with the student throughout the entire day in the lower run groups. The students are also taught the dynamics of the physical limitations of their vehicles, as well as their own personal limits.
Participants will receive:
  • At Speed, In Car On-Track Instructional Driver Education
  • A Catered Lunch at the Track
  • An Event Shirt
  • HPDE Certificates
  • Ride-Alongs with Instructors adding to the on-track experience
  • Event Photographer
  • Professional Flaggers and Station Workers
  • Saturday evening car drop off at the track (7:00pm till 12:00am)
This event requires pre-registration.
Go to the Event Sign Up page above to register or simply click the link below!
This event would certainly make for a great weekend “Get-A-Way” for the whole family as well.
Situated in the heart of the Pocono Mountains there are plenty of attractions to entertain the whole family nearby.  Golf Courses, Shopping, Spas and other family attractions.
We have put together discount packages at nearby hotels as well for those who want to come up the night before and stay an extra day or so as well.
Still not sure?
Will I “beat on my car” ? is a frequently asked question    This is a major misconception! In fact, the reality is just the opposite!  We teach the driver to be smooth, precise and consistent with their driving at the same time developing the driver and car to advance in speed and comfort level.
An instructor who is familiar with your car will be assigned to you for the entire event and ride in your car for the entire event (lower run groups). It is the job of that instructor to make sure you, the driver, advance to a level where both are comfortable.  This requires removing all the bad habits you have developed on the street and advancing in the art of driving dynamics and safety.  Yes, you will in most cases exceed the triple digit speed mark at various points on the track, Legally!  Tires wear and brake wear will be at a minimum and wearing out a set of tires and brakes will not be an issue.
Certainly not required…but should you have one bring it out!
Is your Audi capable of such an event?
In most cases….. Yes!
All participants are required to pass a mandatory safety inspection prior to the event. Information on the Tech Inspection will be posted soon.
An interesting post from Quattroworld back a few months ago, just prior to the NJMP event, on how well an Audi performs in a HPDE environment just might clear up any misconceptions you might have about bringing your Audi or daily driver to the track…
Check it out…
“What’s required? Only your desire to drive on a world-class race circuit, hang out with friends and other enthusiasts and Have Fun. Who knows you might even learn a thing or two. After all that is the point of a HPDE event and that is what ACNA-NJ does well.


If you have never been to the track I would like to clear up a misconception. You are not required to have a “race” car or a modified car to enter such an event. Chances are the Audi you drive every day is just fine. All Audi’s are more than capable of being driven on the track in their street trim. Audi spends a lot of time and money on their race program and a lot of this development ends up right in our street Audi’s. This means BBK’s, modified suspensions, tweaked ECU’s, special tires and all those nice mods are NOT required. It’s all about coming out, learning how to drive our Audi’s on a track and having fun!

Take it from Michele’s 170 hp, 1.8T, A4 with a TIP. This A4 has an Audi Sport Suspension, Porterfield R4 pads and Motul brake fluid. These few little track prep items are the only “special” track goodies on this A4! And she has a BLAST with it on the track. Just check out the pics!!


Michele has completed more than 20 track days with Porsche Club, Audi Club and other clubs in the last two years with her A4 and has not experienced ANY track related failures at all! And when on the track, she drives this A4 at 9/10 most of the time! It’s a testament to the Audi line but more importantly, it just proves that you should come out and DRIVE! Besides, those who have a TIP will love learning the right way to drive them! Ever preload your TIP’s downshifts while braking from 120+mph just before a turn? I didn’t think so! 

You might be surprised how well these Audi’s do on the track just the way they are.

014x6DSC_9837 aDSC_8124

For those who have gone the extra step and have modifications like BBK’s, software mods, exhausts and suspension upgrades and haven’t been to the track yet what are you waiting for?? Use them!!

aDSC_8046 mattlrw1_b
The most important mod you will ever make is to participate in an ACNA-NJ HPDE track event!

I, along with many others here could sit and talk for hours about our track experiences. If you have a few hours to kill, just call anyone of us! We will get you hooked! I speak from experience with having over 450 track days with different clubs and organizations. ACNA-NJ does a hell of a job putting an event together. Just come out and try it for yourself. You never know what might show up as well… It’s just a Cool place to be! “
panamera lotus_n

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you might have.
Contact Scott at slynn@acna-nj.org

As more details become available we will be updating this site and keeping everyone informed.

Go to the EVENT SIGN UP page to register…..

Pocono Raceway
Garage Area