ACNA-NJ and MRF Twilight 9/7/13

The New Jersey Chapter of the Audi Club will be co-hosting the second annual Twilight HPDE Fundraiser with the Motorsports Rehabilitation Foundation on Saturday, September 7th, 2013. Registration is open at

The Event:

The only difference from Twilight to other daytime track events is that it will be in the afternoon through the night. The time of day/night also provides cooler temperatures thus, increasing horsepower and comfort.

audistagingEach run group will have two runs in the daylight, one at dusk, and one in darkness. Pocono Raceway North Course will have lighting placed at each corner and flagging station as well as a portion of the high bank oval which is used for the North Course. The garages will be lit as well as the paddock area.

The gates will open at 4:00pm. Although, Car and Trailer Drop-off will be available all day Saturday. The usual track event protocol will take place. The Tech Line will open at 4:00pm and will close at 7:30pm. (We are leaving Tech open late for those who wish to only run at night.) You will hand in your Pre-Tech form to our tech staff and they will go over a tech check list. Checking for lug nut torc, brake lights, headlights, turn signals, odd noises, obvious severe mechanical issues etc.

2012-09-08 - 247 - IMG_4770There will be a drivers meeting at 5:00pm in the garage. We will be discussing the differences in night time HPDE driving such as the use of blinkers for passing signals, driving with headlights on, and track lighting. We will also discuss the usual topics such as passing zones, track conditions, caution lap, and our professional flaggers will review the flags and flagging stations.

p830163562-4In addition to the Drivers Meeting, there will also be a classroom session provided by our guest speaker. Our guest speaker has endurance racing experience and will provide our participants with valuable information about driving the track at night. The classroom session will be open to all run groups.

Cars will be out on track at 6:00pm. First group out will be blue run group. Each group will have two runs in daylight. This will give each driver an opportunity to become familiar with the line and track conditions. As the night progresses each group will run at dusk. Giving each driver the chance to adjust to night driving. And finally, each group will have a run in darkness. With portions of the super speedway lit as well as the flagging stations, corners, portions of the infield, pit road, staging, and pit out.

911andauditwilightThere will be a dinner mid event in the cafeteria where there will be plenty of tables and excellent food. During the dinner a guest speaker will be disusing the event and night time driving.

You must pre-order your event t-shirt during your registration on T-Shirts may or may not be for sale at the event. If you would like to make sure that you get an event t-shirt please add one to your shopping cart during your online registration for the event.


Pre-Event Requirements:

You must have headlights to run at night. If you do not have headlights you may run in the daylight portion of the event.

Must be 18 years of age or older.

Pre-Event Tech Inspection:

All cars that will be driving in the event are required to under go a technical inspection that is to be completed by a certified mechanic*. Our club sponsor Drive Auto Works will be hosting a complementary Pre-Event Tech Inspection on Thursday, August 22nd, 2013 from 5:30pm to 8:30pm. It is not mandatory for event registrants to attend the complementary tech inspection however, it is mandatory that a certified mechanic complete the Audi Club Pre-Event Tech form found here:

Please print the tech form  and have a mechanic complete the first page. Please be sure to bring the second page and the completed first page to the event. You will hand in both forms to our tech staff. Any attendee without a completed form by a certified mechanic will not be permitted to participate in the event and the club will not be obligated to refund the attendee’s registration fee.

*Instructors may self-tech their cars.

Drive Auto Works
136 Getty Avenue
Clifton, NJ 07011
Phone(973) 772-2300

Track Pak:

Once you have registered for the event at, you will be emailed a Track Pak. The Track Pak will include a Pre-Event Tech Form as well as an event schedule, track map, lighting map, event requirements, event description, event staff, and all other pertinent information.


If you are planning on staying the night Saturday, September 7th, we have special group rates reserved at these near by hotels:

The Blakeslee Inn Single and Double Rooms available for $87.19 and $98.09 under group name Audi Club Lilac Lane  Pocono Lake, PA 18347 Phone: 570.646.1100

The Blakeslee Inn is a very nice and clean place to stay with a superb restaurant and lounge. The Blakeslee Inn has by far the best food in the Poconos. There will be a coupon of buy one entrée get one free available for the MRF guests.

BEST WESTERN Inn at Blakeslee-Pocono Kings and Doubles available for $115.00 under group name Audi Club Route 115, Blakeslee, Pennsylvania 18610 Phone: 570-646-6000

The Best Western Inn at Blakeslee-Pocono is another nice place to stay. They have amenities like an heated indoor pool and sauna and a free complimentary breakfast. The Best Western maybe a good choice for those bringing family being that they have the pool.

Check out the official pictures from last year’s event! at twilight

For More Information and to Register Please Visit: 



    1. Yes, helmets are required. They also need to have a SA or M rating of 2005 or newer. If you need a helmet, you can opt to rent one. An option is available for helmet rental when you register for the event. Unfortunately we will not have helmets available to rent at this event.

        1. Daniel, unfortunately I made a mistake in saying that rentals would be available. Normally we have helmets available for rental, but unfortunately not for this even. You may need to make arrangements to either rent one elsewhere or possibly borrow one. I apologize for the confusion.

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