ACNA-NJ Car Control Clinic and Teen Driving School – 11/6/2010.

 Over 60 Drivers!
Thanks to all who made this event
Total Success!



 A Total Driving Experience!

 Highlights that are sure to make this a total driving experience:
  • Flemington Audi will be on hand with current Audi models. This event would not have been possible without the generous support of Flemington Audi

  • A catered lunch is being served by Angelo’s Italian Restaurant

  • Detailers Domain has contributed discount offers for all participant and other fine detailing products to be raffled off at the event.

  • The local Fire Department is providing a wet skid pad for our use all day

  • Instructors! Instructors with years of experience from clubs like Audi, Porsche and BMW will be on hand to provide the professional instruction for this event.

  • The afternoon Autocross and Slalom event is sure to be exciting and educational!

  • 150 Donated Traffic Cones at our disposal to create the Ultimate Car Control Clinic

  • Premier Facility! It must be. Driving Dynamics uses this same lot!

  • Value!

The ACNA New Jersey Chapter will be hosting a Car Control Clinic and Teen Driving School Saturday, November 6, 2010.

9:00am to 5:00pm


This event is being hosted by the Audi Club, however, ownership of an Audi is not required. In fact we encourage all makes and models to participate.  This event is tailored toward drivers who would like to achieve higher levels of car control and learn more about the specifics and technical capabilities of his/her car. The instruction and experience in attending this course just might save your life!  It is well suited for drivers of all ages to advance their skills behind the wheel. You will be provided with an opportunity to understand terms like understeer, oversteer, threshold braking, ABS, ESP or TC and how it can be best used to every driver’s advantage. We never think it will happen to us but an emergency situation is not the time to learn what your car or you can do for the first time. If you are interested in learning the full capabilities of your car in a safe and fun environment, this event is for you!

The event will be held at the Red Lot at the Somerset Patriot’s home, TD Bank Ballpark in Bridgewater, NJ.


This is a premier location and lot for such an event.  Absolutely no experience is required for this event!

Audi Owners receive a new Complimentary Membership to the Audi Club of North America for attending. That’s a $42.00 value!About the event….

The ACNA Car Control Clinic and Teen Driving School is an experience beyond driver’s education that gives inexperienced drivers and drivers of all levels the opportunity to experience extreme situations in a controlled environment.  This course is for all levels of drivers! The primary emphasis of this course is a “hands-on” driving experience that can teach students many aspects of how to control a car safely in real-world situations. Although this not a course in racing dynamics, the principals learned during this event will apply to better awareness and control on the street and the track.  Proper cockpit etiquette, car control, accident avoidance, and spatial and visual awareness are the primary objectives.


A Car Control Clinic and Teen Driving School teaches driving basics such as seating position, mirror placement, proper vision and awareness. Qualified instructors are monitoring and riding with the student throughout the entire day. The students are also taught the dynamics of the physical limitations of their vehicles, as well as their own personal limits.

After the drivers meeting, students will be broken up into three different classes where each class will rotate from the skid pad to the braking/maneuver exercises to the autocross/slalom exercises.

Instructors will be riding in the vehicle during all three exercises.

The skid pad area will focus on recognizing skids, reacting properly to over/understeer and vehicle, g forces applied to the vehicle, slip angles, and control during a skid situation. This will be a wet skid pad!

The Braking/Dynamics Maneuver courses are created to allow the student to experience a vehicle’s dynamics at a higher speed and to learn how to maintain better vehicular control, utilizing these dynamics in various controlled situations. Participants learn accident avoidance by utilizing their maximum braking skills to slow down the car, then partially releasing the brakes to drive around a stopped vehicle or obstacle directly in their path while maintaining control of their vehicle.  During this lane change, accident avoidance and threshold braking drill, drivers learn to maximize their anti-lock brake system (ABS) or non-ABS system in order to stop their cars as quickly as possible in a controlled manner.

The Autocross/Slalom exercise will take all the dynamics learned in the morning classes and apply them in a controlled road course set up to introduce all the dynamics of the vehicle at speed. 

The Autocross/Slalom is not a timed event and the use of timing equipement is not permitted!

Mistakes are learning experiences that are used to build on and corrected by applying theory into practice. Overall, the Car Control Clinic and TDS will help every student to develop a better understanding of the “secrets” of driving in a safe and controlled environment – learn the proper judgment of speed and distance. Minivans, and Trucks are NOT recommended due to the nature of the exercises.  Audi, BMW, VW and Porsche SUV’s are permitted.

Helmets are not required.  However, we encourage the use of them should you already own one.

To maximize the driving experience this event will be limited to 50 cars.

This event is sure to sell out! Register early to ensure your placement.Cost: – $40 for the first driver of one car and – $30 for an additional student when sharing a car ** ACNA Membership is not required to attend this event Includes a catered lunch and Certificate of Completeness. Be there early… we start at 9:00 am and finish at 5:00 pm

Three ways to sign up:

2. Realizing some participants do not have an account with simply register using your PayPal with the “Add to Cart” below or Contact Scott directly at  for information on how to use this option.Select 2 drivers from the drop down PayPal option below for two people driving one car. PayPal

3. Pay at the event.  This event is sure to sell out so this option will not guarantee you entry.

If you have any questions call the Chief Instructor and Event Organizer Scott Lynn 


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